Montreux Volley Masters extends partnership with Sportradar to deliver worldwide coverage

By Shantanu Srivastav | March 12, 2018

The Montreux Volley Masters has announced a multi-year upgrade and extension of their partnership with Sportradar.

The deal, announced ahead of the event in September this year, will see Sportradar supply an even broader range of services to help the Masters achieve coverage across Asia, MENA, North America, South America and Europe.

The Sportsman Media Group first signed the partnership to market the Montreux Volley Masters media rights to broadcast partners across all the continents and to assist with their marketing efforts back in 2014. Now, as part of Sportradar, the new deal will be supplemented with additional services to ensure the event continues to gain maximum exposure for several years. Among those additional services, Sportradar will be further responsible for TV production, supplying all tournament data and ensuring that all 18 matches over the six day event will be made available live using the company’s world-class OTT platform offering.

The Masters is an international invitational tournament that sees some of the world’s top women’s national volleyball teams go head-to-head across the week-long event in the Swiss town of Montreux, including current Olympic Gold medallists, China. This year will be an historic year for the Masters, with the addition of Cameroon as the first African team to compete at the event.

Sportradar Senior Director of Media Rights, Lutz Tigges said: “We are very delighted to announce this developed relationship with the Montreux Volley Masters. Over the past years we have achieved global media coverage for the Masters, along with commercial success. As part of this upgraded partnership, we have now developed and rolled out a first-class media format to showcase a week of the most exciting volleyball.

“All relevant areas of the event, from public viewing, look and feel, TV production and program have been constantly challenged and improved. This has helped make the Masters an absolute premium event. Together with some of the best national teams participating each year, we believe the Masters will continue to generate wide interest from media and success in the future.”

President of Montreux Volley Masters, François Pochon said: “As one of the world’s most significant volleyball events for women, showcasing some of the sport’s best upcoming stars, we wanted to make sure supporters across the globe have access to be able to both see and engage with it. With so much experience in sports data and media distribution, and such a highly sophisticated platform, we are confident Sportradar will continue to help us achieve this goal.

“When you add that into the mix of our own team’s commitment to using new technologies, innovative media solutions and social media activities, I am in no doubt that the tournament will go from strength to strength.”