Mobile Devices Are the Key to Fan Engagement – David Granger

By iSportconnect | January 30, 2013

While it may be stating the obvious, it’s worth remembering that the sport audience are more likely to be tech-savvy and tablet users than your average Joe. According to a recent Neilson Report, 40% of all TV-related tweets are about sport, despite it only being 1.3% of programmes. And 60% of tablet and smartphone owners who use mobile devices for sports content do so at least once a day. Your fans want stats, information and gossip. And they want it now. And on their mobiles.

In Nascar, this mobile device/fan relationship is being taken to a new level. Using the NASCAR Mobile ’13 app or on they can choose the format of the Sprint Unimited race at Daytona on February 16. And, they decide the number and type of pit stops drivers are allowed, the number of cars eliminated after the race’s second session and (some may argue most importantly) the outfit worn by Miss Sprint Cup post-race. Fans can vote now and, interestingly, any cast via the app have twice the value of the online vote.

The story of January was Lance Armstrong’s apology on American television. It gave social media comedians great ammunition, even if the report of the Sydney library moving all books about the ex-Tour de France winner to its fiction section turned out to be a hoax. The best reaction to the cyclist’s doping revelations came from Tim Burgess, the lead singer of The Charlatans, who said rather than criticise Armstrong, we should actually admire his chemically enhanced achievements. Burgess tweeted:







Having spent eight seasons in Formula One managing the digital channels for world champions Red Bull Racing, David Granger now runs Fact 51 ( a social and digital marketing agency.

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