MMA’s Joe Vedepo Inks New Endorsement Deal

September 9, 2014

Mixed Martial Arts star Joe “The Doctor” Vedepo has signed an endorsement deal with BELDT Labs, creators of the hot new high-intensity endurance fat burner.

An American professional mixed martial artist having competed in both the UFC and Bellator, Vedepo currently trains through Alliance MMA of San Diego, CA, home to various other elite UFC stars, such as Dominick Cruz, Alexander Gustafsson, Brandon Vera, and many more.

Vedepo is notable for inventing the modified shin choke, also known as the “Vedepo Choke,” a submission he used to win his debut bout with Bellator, at Bellator 80. According to BELDT Labs, it was more than Vedepo’s aggressive and pragmatic skills that sealed an interest for endorsement.

“We’re always on the lookout for guys who are both great fighters and genuinely good people,” says BELDT Labs COO, James Atkins, himself a lifelong high-intensity athlete. “Joe [Vedepo] fits that bill, perfectly. He’s tough, he’s dedicated, his training and conditioning are unreal, but he also happens to be one of those guys you just really love being around. I’ve always been a firm believer that MMA tends to attract the most authentic and noble athletes in the world, and Joe really personifies all the greatest aspects of the sport, and more. We couldn’t be happier having him on our team.”

Even well before talks of sponsorship, Vedepo had been an avid user of BELDT Labs products, having since expressed a mutual admiration for the swiftly rising supplement company. “I’m proud to represent the BELDT Labs brand,” says Vedepo. “Their products are incredible and have really been a major help getting me in shape for my next fight. I can easily say I’m in the best condition of my life. The BELDT guys really have their stuff together.”

Joe Vedepo will be fighting through Bellator on October 17th, in Council Bluffs, Iowa.