MLS Signs Tech Partnership With R/GA Ventures

June 4, 2018

America’s Major League Soccer and R/GA Ventures have launched a strategic partnership focused on the identification of technologies to drive growth of the MLS fanbase.

MLS and R/GA Ventures will work together to identify key opportunities and technologies related to fan engagement, on-field data, content creation and player development

The main goal of the collaboration is to develop solutions geared toward an audience that’s highly dynamic, with consumption habits that are constantly changing and evolving.

“We are always looking at new ways to serve our young fanbase” said Gary Stevenson, President and Managing Director of MLS Business Ventures.

“We admire R/GA and their unique approach to innovation and are excited to partner with them to provide us access to a stream of new startups and ideas that will help MLS better serve our tech-savvy fans.”

Stephen Plumlee, Global Chief Operating Officer of R/GA and Managing Partner of R/GA Ventures, added: “Our Studios are designed to enable our partners to identify and capitalize on disruptive technologies and emerging behaviors. We offer our partners targeted outcomes ranging from market intelligence and knowledge capital to scalable new revenue streams.”