MLS Extends Partnership With Sportradar

January 29, 2015

Sportradar Security Services has announced the extension of its partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS).

Under the terms of the extension, link Sportradar Security Services’ Fraud Detection System (FDS) will monitor the global betting market on soccer matches in each of the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

Additionally, Sportradar Security Services will be providing an Integrity Workshop for all MLS match officials.

MLS first signed a partnership with Sportradar Security Services in 2013 and the deal will see the company’s FDS process betting patterns and movements on both the regulated and unregulated markets across a whole range of matches and competitions.

The partnership will cover over 400 games played in the US in each of the two years of the partnership extension.

MLS Vice President Operations and Security Ray Whitworth said: “Sportradar Security Services has been a fantastic partner of ours for almost two years now and I am delighted that they will remain our partners for at least another two.

“At MLS, we are dedicated to delivering the best sports entertainment to millions of fans worldwide that follow our league.

“And in line with that, we cannot compromise when it comes to preserving the integrity of soccer in the U.S. Sportradar’s breadth of coverage, its depth of analysis, its history of accuracy and its expert team of education providers made our decision to renew simple.”

Sportradar Managing Director Strategy and Integrity Andreas Krannich concluded with this: “The U.S. national teams had a great 2014. MLS has never been more popular. It is unsurprising that more and more fans are being drawn to US soccer.

“Equally, it is not surprising that bettors around the world are placing more and more bets on U.S. soccer as well. There is always a danger of match fixing when liquidity increases on the global betting market and there is only one way to effectively deal with that danger – that is to get ahead of it. And that is exactly what MLS has done.”

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