MLS Agree Multi-Year Partnership with Opta

March 22, 2011

Opta, sale ed a specialist in the collection and distribution of detailed performance data for soccer matches throughout Europe, has broaden its portfolio after agreeing a multi-year partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS).

Opta has become the official competition-related statistics partner of league, allowing MLS to introduce Opta’s sports information to the website, participating broadcasters and other media outlets.

Opta are the official data provider to the German Bundesliga, providing in-depth live and historical data to the league’s official website, and also work with a number of major broadcasters, publishers, sponsors, governing bodies and professional clubs.

Chris Schlosser, director of digital strategy for MLS, said: “For many years we have heard a desire from our fans for more in-depth statistics. We are very excited to partner with Opta to bring this critical information to our passionate fans. This deal will allow for deeper analysis of all MLS matches and ensure that MLS is at the cutting edge of data technologies in 2011 and beyond.”

MLS and Opta are planning to build a new North American data collection hub in MLS’ digital headquarters in New York, where hundreds of MLS and other North American soccer games will be analysed.

Aidan Cooney, chief executive of Opta, added: “This is a very exciting new step for our business. Our pioneering technology creates digital blueprints of each match, enabling rich statistical and graphical insights into the game’s tactics and strategies. This is an opportunity to take soccer to a new, but statistics hungry, audience in the United States.”