MLB’s Josh Hamilton Extends Vita Coco Endorsement

April 5, 2013

Vita Coco, the country’s most popular coconut water beverage brand, today announced that Josh Hamilton of MLB’s LA Angels was signed for a second year as one of the brand’s top athlete spokespersons.

Vita Coco signed Hamilton to an endorsement contract last May 2012, when he made baseball history by becoming just the 16th player in modern history to hit four home runs in a single game. The contract was renewed when Hamilton signed with the Angels last December.

“Josh Hamilton is an extraordinary athlete with an inspiring story,” says Vita Coco CEO and co-founder Michael Kirban, “and we have faith that consumers will connect to him and Vita Coco in this new campaign.”

To celebrate the partnership, Hamilton will be featured in a major out-of-home campaign, starting with a billboard on California State Route 57 at the Orangewood Avenue exit, directly across from Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

Vita Coco continues to build a cult-like following in the world of professional sports. From Chicago Bulls All-Star Joakim Noah to legendary coach Rick Pitino, pro-athletes and their trainers and coaches are all loyal fans of Vita Coco, touting the coconut water brand as the best source of natural hydration and replenishment.