MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks Seal “Game-Changing” 15-Year Deal With FOX

February 23, 2015

Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise the Arizona Diamondbacks have agreed a groundbreaking new broadcast deal with FOX.

The deal is believed to run for more than 15 years and worth over $1.5 billion.

“This is game-changing for us,” Diamondbacks president & CEO Derrick Hall said.

“It puts us on par with a lot of our colleagues. Any increase in revenues as we’ve said in the past will go directly towards our [team] so it will help our product on the field.

“It made sense for us to remain with FOX. They’ve been great partners. In fact we believe so much in FOX that we got creative through the process in finding other ways to make this deal more lucrative, to partner with them.”

Hall also confirmed that they evaluated all options before deciding to re-sign with FOX.

“We looked at other partners besides FOX and we looked at doing it on our own,” Hall said.

“At the end of the day it just made more sense to remain with FOX. They wanted to be our partner, we wanted them, they’re very good at what they do.

“They put out a great product, they’re willing to invest in our future and in the quality of the broadcast so we let the experts do what they do best and let’s partner with them for a long time and in different ways.

“We believe in their model, we believe in their future and we thought it would be great to work shoulder to shoulder with them for a long time.”

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