MLB Approve Nolan as Controlling Owner of Texas Rangers

May 13, 2011

Major League Baseball (MLB) has approved Nolan Ryan as the controlling owner of the Texas Rangers after linking up with Chuck Greenberg to buy the franchise from former Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks last August in a deal valued at US$590m.

Greenberg became chief executive officer of the Rangers before leaving in March and selling his stake in the club and in turn, Ryan stepped in to become CEO and his position was ratified on Thursday during the quarterly joint meeting of the 30 MLB owners in a unanimous vote.

Ryan, who picked up a MLB record 5,714 strikeouts during his career, will now vote for the Rangers on all matters during future League meetings as well as being accountable to MLB for the operations of the club.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig told reporters after the meeting: “Actually, that was the first item of business. There was an intense debate that maybe lasted about 12 seconds. Maybe it didn’t even last 12 seconds. It was very quick, done, over. He’s done a remarkable job there the last couple of years.”