Minor League Baseball Extends Essensa Partnership

July 23, 2014

Minor League Baseball has renewed their partnership business solutions company Essensa in a new five-year deal.

This extension will provide MiLB with discounts on a wide variety of products and services used in day-to-day business operations, free ed such as foodservice, office supplies, telecommunications equipment, laundry services and facility management.

Essensa’s affiliation with Premier will offer MiLB further access to an extensive, competitively priced portfolio, unique contract enhancements and rebates, as well as regional contracts to meet specific needs. Essensa will also regularly analyze the organization’s total business spend, track spending patterns, identify savings opportunities and ensure that MiLB and its leagues and clubs that elect to participate are paying consistently lower prices for the same products.

“Essensa has helped MiLB streamline and reduce costs in procuring goods and services since 2010,” said John P. Sganga, President & CEO, Essensa. “As we enter into this extension, we are committed to building on that foundation and looking for new ways to assist MiLB with their supply chain so that they can better serve their fans.”

In the four years since the initial agreement, Essensa has signed 114 MiLB teams, resulting in more than $16 million in purchasing volume through Essensa’s contracted vendors.

“We have a long-standing, mutually beneficial relationship with Essensa and are pleased to grow our partnership with them through this contract extension,” said Pat O’Conner, President & CEO of Minor League Baseball. “Essensa has proven itself to be the solution for top-quality group purchasing and business solutions and through this relationship, Minor League Baseball can continue to operate more competitively in a variety of business areas.”

As part of its agreement with MiLB, Essensa will become a sponsor of the Baseball Winter Meetings, the annual convention attended by both Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball executives held in December.