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Minnesota Wild names KZ ProVisioning as official culinary partner

By Shantanu Srivastav | January 18, 2018

The National Hockey League’s (NHL) team Minnesota Wild has named KZ ProVisioning as its official culinary partner.

KZ ProVisioning was formed by chefs Andrew Zimmern, four-time James Beard host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods series, and Gavin Kaysen, a well-respected chef in the greater Minneapolis area.

The company will be responsible for providing nutritious foods, snacks and meals to Minnesota Wild players and staff.

Andrew Heydt, director of team operations and player relations said: “Many of our players already had a great relationship with Gavin from Spoon and Stable so it made sense to create a partnership with KZ ProVisioning to provide a healthy, balanced food plan for not only our players but their families and locker room staff as well.”

Kaysen said: “Growing up in Minnesota, I have been a lifelong hockey fan. Being able to help our home NHL team by delivering healthy and delicious meals is a phenomenal chance for our company to be more involved with our community.

“Every athlete wants to eat better food, but more importantly, they need to. Better food will yield better performance on the ice. Our hope is that the lessons about quality food and a nutritious approach to cooking will be passed along to the families and children of the players, too. As a dad, and a high school hockey goalie, that is all important to me.”

Zimmerman added: “Food is fuel. The model we are creating fills a desperate need for healthier food for athletes that sacrifices neither satiety nor flavor. We will be utilizing nutrition and wellness specialists in our menu development to make sure that we serve balanced meals to athletes throughout the season.

“This isn’t about dieting, this is about meal – and performance – optimization, wellness and enjoyment.”

Hockey KZ ProVisioning Minnesota wild NHL