Millennium Stadium Final Tier Construction Unlikely but Artificial Pitch Moves Closer

July 30, 2013

The Millennium Stadium is unlikely to see a revamp of its two-tier north stand to complete three tiers all around the stadium.

BBC Wales is reporting that sources have told them the cost of the work would not be recouped and would only raise the capacity slightly.

However, order the ground in Cardiff could have an artificial pitch by the summer of 2014.

Speaking to iSportconnect in February, Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) CEO Roger Lewis said: “The reason why we are considering such a radical move for an international rugby stadium is because we use the stadium for a range of other activities.

“If we can avoid having to take the pitch out and then bring it back in, we would save a minimum of a quarter of a million pounds.

“Laying an artificial pitch is roughly half a million pounds which is obviously a considerable cost saving.”

An artificial pitch would however prevent the Millennium Stadium hosting a European football final, such as the Champions League or Europa League.

UEFA rules prevent games being played on unnatural surfaces.

If the pitch is installed it will be the first major rugby Test match stadium to adopt an artificial surface.