Miley Confirms ITF Presidential Challenge

June 3, 2019

The former International Tennis Federation Director of Development, Dave Miley, has formally joined four other men in the running to become the new President of the governing body, after being confirmed by the ITF as an official candidate.

The President of the ITF and the 14 members of the Board of Directors will be elected at the ITF Annual General Meeting on September 27, 2019 in Lisbon.

Other confirmed candidates are:

  • Incumbent ITF President David Haggerty of the USA (photo below), seeking a second four-year term.
  • Ivo Kaderka of the Czech Republic
  • Anil Khanna of India

Miley has been nominated by Tennis Ireland.

Speaking at Roland Garros in Paris, he said: “The tennis family is not working together as it should.  We are still too fragmented, interests are not always aligned and some have vested interests that are holding tennis back.  While our sport is growing in some important markets, there are worrying declines in participation in North America and Europe for example.”