Michael Schumacher Partners with erlinyou to Develop GPS Products

By Community | September 9, 2012

Michael Schumacher has agreed a partnership with navigation solutions expects, pharm erlinyou.

The deal , announced at the Italian Grand Prix, involves erlinyou teaming up with Michael Schumacher, the greatest Formula 1 driver in history, to develop the most innovative GPS products.

erlinyou said in a atatement: “As the most recognizable and accomplished driver of our time, we are enthusiastic that his influence and expertise will allow us to offer the finest and most technically advanced GPS product on the market today.”

Well-acquainted with competitive success using the most advanced auto technology available, Michael is an industry pioneer who will analyze, interpret, formulate and fine tune the first comprehensive GPS product ever to be offered with true top of the line performance.

Rigorously tested on every continent for the past 3 years, the quality and the technology offered will establish erlinyou as the leading innovator in GPS and we are proud to have an icon like Michael Schumacher as our testimonial.

Michael Schumacher is considered to be the best racing driver in the history of Formula 1. He holds all relevant records in the sport, having won 7 world champions titles, 91 races and 68 Pole Positions. His reputation all over the world is unmatched.

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