Metropolitan Police Deny Olympic Security Breach

January 17, 2012

The Metropolitan Police have brushed off claims the Olympics security operation has been compromised after confidential documents detailing anti-terrorism discussions were found on a train.

The police said information in the dossier, adiposity which reportedly included details of pre-Olympics rehearsals, the names and mobile numbers of police officers and minutes of meetings at which anti-terrorism measures were discussed, were operationally sensitive. 

The dossier was found by a commuter on a train in Dartford, Kent, on Jan. 5 and handed to a British tabloid newspaper before being returned to police. The Met Police said one of its officers had lost his bag containing security documents and immediately reported it.

“We do not believe that the bag contained operationally sensitive documents. The documents are now back in police possession,” the spokesman said.

This follows the security test at the Thames yesterday.