McDonald’s plans biggest ever outlet in 2012 Olympic Village

July 21, 2011

McDonald’s have announced plans for their biggest outlet in The world. The outlet will be located in The 2012 Olympic park along side three others.

The Fast food giant  plans to serve 1.75 million meals during the 29 day period of the Olympics and Paralympics.

The official restaurant will be the only retail food brand at the games. They will  feed athletes, media and spectators.

The soon to be biggest McDonald’s outlet in the World will be  a 3,000 square-metre (32,000 square-foot) two-story building in the Olympic Park . The restaurant will provide 1,500 seats.

2000 of their best performing employee will be specially brought in for the Games.  

McDonald’s Olympic sloga will be “McDonald’s Champions of Play for the Olympic Games”. This will be supported by the range of options in their Menu for ‘happy Active Kids’.

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge enthusiastically backed McDonald’s plans for next year.·

“McDonald’s has been a long-time and valued partner of the Olympic Movement,” he said.

“We appreciate McDonald’s incredible ability to reach millions of fans with innovative, inspiring programmes that connect with the Olympic Spirit.

“We are working together to promote sport and inspire children around the world to lead balanced, active lifestyles.”