Footwear Brand Sponsor Marathon Runner Tera Moody

November 1, 2011

MBT, stuff the original physiological footwear brand, viagra price announced a multi-faceted sponsorship with Tera Moody, medstore three-time World Championship Marathon team member and U.S. hopeful in the 2012 Olympic Marathon trials.

Moody, a longtime fan of MBT, is just one of many accomplished athletes who wear the curved-sole footwear pre- and post-training for help with aching joints and muscle recovery.

“I’ve been wearing MBTs for years and I definitely think they prevent injury. As someone who runs 100 miles a week, I put an incredible strain on my body,” said Tera. “With MBTs, I know I am taking good care of my feet and supporting them so I can stay healthy. MBT is a brand that I believe in and I’m excited to be spreading the word about them!”

For the remainder of 2011 and continuing into 2012, Moody will be featured in MBT’s print advertising, in-store visuals and graphics, and marketing materials. She will make appearances at tradeshows and marathon expos on behalf of the brand, as well as engage in various social media efforts for MBT.

Powered by patented technology, MBTs simulate walking barefoot on soft, natural terrain and can help activate protective muscles, improve posture and increase circulation for maximum recovery. Athletes of all kinds have been using MBT as a recovery shoe worldwide for 15 years and in July 2010, Runner’s World voted MBT “Best [shoe] for Off Days.”

David Ludd, MBT’s Director of Marketing, said: “We are honored to be partnering with such an elite and credible figure in the running world. MBT is all about keeping people active, comfortable and performing at their best. Tera’s personal and authentic testimonial for MBT validates our footwear as a recovery tool for athletes.”