The inaugural 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships will bring together 13 world championships from different cycling disciplines for the first time in one unprecedented mega-event. It is set to be the world’s biggest cycling event. Current plans see the event take place across 12 venues with road race routes throughout Scotland. 

A comprehensive evaluation is required to measure the success of the event. An initial preliminary/flash report is required in September 2023, and then following a period of internal stakeholder review and feedback on draft versions, the final report is due for completion by December 2023.
Event Overview

The Championships is the first event of its kind. For the first time 13 existing UCI World Championships will be combined across venues in Glasgow and across Scotland into one single mega-event. For the period of the Championships, Scotland will become the cycling capital of the world, with images broadcast worldwide.  

The Championship will be held over 11 days from 3-13 August 2023 and will be of significant size, scale and complexity. UK Sport commissioned research estimates the combined events will attract around 1.2million total spectators and at least 300,000 unique spectators. As such it will be one of the biggest international sporting events to be hosted in the UK in 2023. Subsequent Championships will be staged every four years in different locations around the world in the year preceding the Olympic Games.  

The 2023 event therefore provides a significant opportunity to deliver a high-profile mega-event that provides valuable short-term and longer-term benefits and enables positive change. By delivering the event in accordance with responsible sustainable tourism objectives the event also provides an opportunity to showcase Scotland as a world leading visitor destination and provide a benchmark for future Championships. 

Project Deliverables

1. A project plan for the lifecycle of the project, including key milestones, timeline and the number of days/staff that will be allocated to the project.

2. A final version of the Event Evaluation Framework (draft framework is already in place), to be agreed with all stakeholders.

3. A detailed methodology for collection of primary data across the event including all access required and any other support which may be required from 2023 Cycling Worlds or their contractors.

4. A set of questionnaires for the identified client groups including spectators, athletes, national federations, sponsors, and volunteers. In some cases, this will be inputted to questionnaires being produced by staff or contractors.

5. Regular monthly reporting/meetings on progress.

6. A detailed outline for a final socioeconomic impact report on the event including clear methodology for each evaluation area, any assumptions used and all data sources.

7. A flash socioeconomic impact report with headline findings immediately following the event and signed off by Funding Partners – required by September 2023.

8. A final socioeconomic impact report for the event agreed and signed off by Funding Partners, including an executive summary of the final report for wider publication – required by December 2023.

9. A presentation of results to the project team as well as a walk-through session for the partners.

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