As part of the BBC Charter & Agreement the BBC committed to opening up more of the hours of programming that previously formed part of the in-house production guarantee by putting existing returning series out to tender, with the process open to any supplier.

  1. The programme

This is an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for host TV production and delivery of the BBC’s domestic TV coverage of the World Indoor Professional Bowls Championships in 2025 and 2026 with the option (at both parties agreement) to extend by one year to 2027.

Invitations will be welcomed from producers who qualify as an independent producer, within the meaning of the Broadcasting (Independent Productions) Order 1991, as amended, and can deliver a nations qualifying production in compliance with the published Ofcom criteria.

The anticipated tariff will be made available to bidders on receipt of (i) the Qualification Questionnaire (Appendix 1) (ii) a signed and dated non-disclosure agreement (Appendix 2).

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