The Clipper Race brand is currently accepting proposals in response to this RFP to find a qualified source that will ultimately provide

A) design and vision [create look and feel, wire frame, site map, user experience] and
B) build, code, the customisable mobile-optimised website.

As a result of the project the Clipper Race website shall continue to enhance our brand vision into the next phase of business growth.

It shall recruit crew globally (include data collection to new CRM, link to payment platform) and suitable business Partners (data collection).

A fully responsive site shall be mobile optimised, possibly app based, and integrated into the new CRM platform for data collection and management and marketing purposes.

Key features such as the Race Viewer may be enhanced, or possibly monetized.

Additional plugins will be possible adapting to the evolving needs and opportunities.

The website shall be compelling, inspiring, informative, and even addictive.

The objective of this Request for Proposal is to identify agents that will provide the best overall value to Clipper Ventures.

Our goals are to:

  1. Establish the right agents and partners for the task. They will have relevant commercial experience, be insightful and creative as well as forward thinking.
  2. Ensure the look and feel of the tenacious, courageous, risk-taking Clipper Race brand remains attractive to a wide audience, and especially core user groups. These stakeholders include returning and potential business Partners, existing and potential Race Crew, family and friends of the crew members, media outlets, staff, sailing community / competition.
  3. Make sure the site should not look dated or functionally fail within a reasonable timeframe (by which we mean 6-8 years min).
  4. To meet the commercial and creative objectives of our stakeholder groups (such as the different Clipper Ventures departments, investors etc)(to be outlined in detail), on time, on budget.
  5. To work with an agency as an incentivised partner with a contracted, agreed scope-of-work to maintain the site throughout the race cycle period, for up to four years to the end of the Clipper 2026-27 Race edition [Dec 2027].

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