Sport England is inviting interested suppliers to attend an online meeting with them to discuss and inform a forthcoming procurement to model the overall contribution of its work to four strategic outcomes. The contract value is estimated at £100,000 over 2-3 years with the possibility of an extension.

Sport England funds, supports and delivers a diverse range of investments and programmes of work, all designed to contribute to its national strategy Uniting the Movement and four outcomes: increasing activity, decreasing inactivity, providing a good experience for children and young people, and reducing inequalities in participation. Our work includes some direct provision of physical activity opportunities where the impact on these four outcomes is straightforward to evidence. But most of our work is concerned with effecting systemic change – such as governance, leadership, safeguarding and capability-building – where the direct impact on these four outcomes is more difficult to show.

We want to procure a supplier to explore the feasibility of, and potentially carry out, a way of modelling the overall contribution of our work to these four outcomes, using a variety of data collected from evaluation, research, monitoring and other sources. This modelling will provide us with greater confidence and clarity about the contribution of our work, improve our ability to communicate and report on it, and help us improve the data we collect.

Interested suppliers can book an individual 30-minute discussion over MS Teams with the Sport England project team on Wednesday 28th June, Friday 30th June or Wednesday 5th July. This will be an opportunity for you to provide feedback and ask questions about the work, which in turn will help us to finalise the brief. 

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