The ICC aspires to create direct customer relationships with the vast global audience of cricket fans and connect them with the content they value most. We strive to provide more value to our members and sponsors, and in turn grow the interest in the game of cricket, deepening the connection that fans already have with the sport.

The ICC Digital and Sponsorship Teams will embark on a program to increase the breadth, quality, and volume of content it offers, particularly on ICC’s owned and operated platforms. The team will look for more ways to build direct customer relationships, create insights around the game and ultimately deliver more relevant content to cricket fans and value to its sponsors and members.

While the ICC’s digital aspirations are significant, the internal digital team is not large. It works with partners who have deep experience in technology and digital services in the sports industry and are committed to helping the ICC realise the value of their properties and audience.

The ICC digital team has existing relationships with four incumbent partners. They respectively provide:

  • Digital Publishing Platform Partner – Content management tools, sports data ingestion/display and identity management as well as all of the services to build, enhance and support the ICC’s suite of products.
  • OTT Streaming Partner – End to end streaming solution for, including payments, customer service, tax handling and website, mobile and TV Apps.
  • Content and Publishing Partner – Responsible for the creation and publication of all digital content on ICC’s owned and operated social media channels. This includes the creation of short and long form content, video, and graphics 365 days a year to the ICC’s global digital audience of hundreds of millions of fans.

Fan Data, Digital Marketing and Commercial Services Partner – Data Warehouse management, BI tools, Digital Marketing tools and integrations with the ICC’s providers. The same partner also provides services for Digital Marketing support, Advertising Operations, Data Analysis, Commercial and Sales support.This Fan Data, Audience Analytics & Digital Sponsorship Invitation to Tender (ITT) process will find the appropriate digital partner(s) required to supply services for the final bullet highlighted in bold above. The other services are not covered in this process. However, the chosen vendor(s) may be required to work closely with the other services to help ICC achieve its overall aims.

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