Basketball NSW (BNSW) is the governing peak body for the sport of basketball in New South Wales. Basketball NSW is an affiliated member of Basketball Australia (BA), the national governing body. Its aim is to grow, develop and promote the game by supporting its members, stakeholders, and the basketball family in general.

Basketball is an inclusive sport with opportunities to play across all genders, ages, and disabilities which historically, has been enjoyed as far back as 1938. Today, there are over 67,000 registered members across NSW, and by 2025 BNSW aims to increase to over 100,000 members and strives to engage over 500,000 participants in Basketball throughout NSW. The Board has resolved to aspire to these objectives within the 2022-2025 BNSW Strategic Plan.

To achieve these strategic objectives, a system is required to provide [collate] information on Basketball opportunities across the state to maximise the coverage of the sport and make information more accessible to internal and external stakeholders.

The current experience of Basketball in NSW for members is fragmented and inconsistent and can be confusing for those new to the sport, and Basketball NSW is not currently seen as the most trusted source of information for the whole Basketball community in NSW. BNSW currently hosts a web platform which provides information for players, officials, coaches, and the community. The site provides registrations, accreditation, education, training, merchandising, and competition results. Whilst the current solution provides key information and access to services required by member Associations it is not used by all for a multitude of reasons, leading to the inconsistent experience for players, referees, coaches, technical officials and their families.

A range of other non-interfaced commercial solutions are used by the basketball community to provide additional services including but not limited to; competition management, participant registration, venue management/bookings, events/tournaments, and direct communications.

The new Portal is not intended purely as an upgraded website or new registration platform but rather a portal that digitises basketball administration, streamlining the customer experience for a broader definition of the ‘Basketball community’. It is intended this would also increase the visibility of basketball serving as an access point for those new to the sport or not yet participating, and those who may not traditionally have engaged with Basketball NSW otherwise.

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