UEFA Ticketing is responsible for the delivery of the ticketing programme for selected UEFA Events (as
defined below) which includes the sales and distribution of tickets for the public, fans of participating clubs or national associations and other UEFA stakeholders. UEFA hospitality is responsible for the sales of the official commercial hospitality programme for selected UEFA Events.

Together, UEFA Ticketing and UEFA Hospitality intend to open a selective tender process and may appoint
service provider(s) to deliver a system used to sell tickets which incorporates all business requirements in
relation to ticketing and hospitality matters (“Ticketing and Hospitality System”) and a secured solution
used to manage and distribute tickets digitally for ticket holders (“Mobile Ticketing Delivery Solution”) at
its discretion. This RFI is an information gathering process in which UEFA Ticketing and UEFA Hospitality
seek to collect information and opinions from the event ticketing industry. This RFI is the first step in
assessing the market. The responses provided may be used as a precursor to a subsequent procurement
process. Respondents successfully passing the RFI phase may advance to the Request for Proposals (“RFP”) phase and be invited to participate in a detailed evaluation process for their proposed Ticketing and Hospitality System and Mobile Ticketing Delivery Solution.

UEFA Ticketing would also like the respondents to share an overview of any on-site ticketing operations
and services available to support UEFA Ticketing with match day delivery. Such operations and services
could include access control management, ticket issue resolution (inside and outside the venue bowl), and mobile ticketing support.

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