From 14 June to 14 July 2024 the final tournament of the UEFA European Football Championship in 2024 (“UEFA EURO 2024TM”) will be held in Germany. In ten (10) German host cities fifty-one (51) matches will be played.

UEFA, together with any of its subsidiaries (in particular, including EURO 2024 GmbH), wishes to select one or several company(ies) for the provision of Temporary Sound Systems and Sound System Upgrades for UEFA EURO 2024TM (“the Services), including but not limited to the following key elements:

  • Temporary Front of House positions;
  • Operation of all equipment and systems linked to this position during the matches;
  • Partial upgrade of the existing sound system in the venues; and/or
  • Full upgrade of the existing sound system in the venues.For such purposes, UEFA intends to organise a tendering process (“Tender”).2. The Selection ProcessThe process for the selection of company(ies) for the provision of the Services, as currently planned, is divided into two-phases:
    • Phase 1 – Request for Information (“RFI”): the initial, pre-Tender phase during which UEFA collects information regarding the candidate(s) based on which it evaluates eligibility of such candidate(s) to participate in Phase 2;
    • Phase 2 – The Tender: the Request for Proposals (“RFP”) which will set forth all applicable terms and conditions for the Tender and a detailed overview of the requested Serviced will be sent out to the selected candidate(s) following the RFI (and/or to any other entities invited by UEFA), during which UEFA will evaluate proposals and subsequently select and appoint a qualified company(ies) for the provision of the Services.To give each candidate(s) an overview of the timing and further proceedings, UEFA has put into place the following Tender process plan 

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