Marketing Manager, Asia – West Bromwich Albion

February 3, 2017

Location: Birmingham, UK

Closing Date: March 2, 2017


To lead and manage marketing activities within across the business to provide specialist marketing  expertise to the Chinese and UK entities of the business;  to formulate marketing strategies for projects in the UK and China  and to oversee their implementation; to working closely with senior members of other parts of the business based in the UK and China to meet organisational goals.


The role reports into the Chief Commercial Officer


Key deliverables for this role will be:

  • Managing the day to day marketing activities of the business in the UK
  • Developing marketing plan; setting budgets, ensuring that specific marketing campaigns are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Developing the marketing strategy for the Company
  • Deliver end to end advertising campaigns through promotional events and social media.
  • Planning and overseeing the implementation of  promotional campaigns
  • Monitor and report on effectiveness of marketing communications
  • Completing market research and data analysis for marketing campaigns
  • Review of marketing tools including brochures, website, stationery and signage
  • Work collaboratively with the sales and account teams to implement and monitor success of marketing and sales campaigns
  • Develop partnerships with new companies and existing clients
  • Maintain effective internal communication to ensure that all relevant functions are kept informed of marketing objectives/ activities
  • Responsible for bringing products to market

Qualifications & Experience:


The following qualifications, skills and experience are required.


Ability to communicate fluently  in written and spoken Mandarin and English;


Essential Experience:

  • Minimum of two years’ experience in a marketing role in the UK and/or China
  • Knowledge and experience of the marketing techniques and methods both in the UK and China
  • Ability to produce written reports and present oral presentations to the Board in English and Mandarin

Core Competencies:

  • The ‘how’ we fulfil our role is very important and therefore the behavioural competencies required for this role have been identified as:
  • Analytical thinking: Identifies a number of workable options. Evaluates pros and cons of particular solution. Tests out feasibility. Develops criteria for decision making including financials.
  • Forward thinking: Plans future activities. Identifies relevant milestones associated with a long term project. Plans the sequence of key events. Reflects about contingency needs.
  • Interpersonal awareness: Seeks understanding of the motives behind others’ behaviours. Anticipates the impact of decisions and words on the feelings of others. Shows an intuitive understanding of where others are coming from even if not aligned with own views
  • Results focus: Ensures others achieve objectives. Clarifies roles and responsibilities of others in order to achieve overall objectives. Sets clear performance standards of others and guides them towards achievement.
  • Initiative/ Creativity: Generates ideas for new ways of doing things better and actions them. Looks to add value. Takes ownership for actioning initiatives.
  • Flexibility: Looks at issues from different angles and is able to see the merits of different positions and views. Modifies thinking, behaviour or plans in response to a situation or contrary

Training & Qualifications:

  • Experience and qualifications normally associated with successful performance of the role.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing


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