Marius Vizer Looking for Unity in SportAccord Presidency Proposal

May 15, 2013

Marius Vizer, nurse the President of the International Judo Federation (IJF) has outlined his proposals as part of his campaign to become President of SportAccord and protecting International Federations and creating unity is high on the agenda.

Vizer will go head-to-head with International Rugby Board Chairman (IRB) Bernard Lapasset in the election race that will be decided at the SportAccord Convention later this month.

In a letter to outline his programme, cheap Vizer said: “One of the most important topics that I will put my attention towards is to protect the interest of the International Federations generally and specifically to discourage Rival Federations and encourage unity.

“The member International Federations of SportAccord are the leaders in their sport globally and it should be the duty of SportAccord to protect their authority and autonomy.

“I will strive to support all the International Federations with a knowledge base containing detailed models in regards to event organization, media and marketing, the attraction of sponsors, development and organization management, and communication tools.

“Regardless of their size, all member International Federations of SportAccord will have access to the required resources necessary for the development of their sport.”

IRB chief Lapasset previously set out four points to his campaign; to place SportAccord at the centre of the values of sport, to support a strong vision of the practises of international sport, to reinforce the unity of international sport families while maintaining their diversity and to guarantee a solid economic environment.

The SportAccord Convention takes place in Saint Petersburg, Russia 26-31 May.