Maradona Wins Compensation in Image Rights Case but Not to the Value Wanted

By iSportconnect | June 18, 2013

Diego Maradona has successfully won compensation against two Chinese companies who used his name in an online game.

A cartoon of Maradona with his signature was used in the Hot-Blooded Soccer game, sale without the Argentine’s consent and a court ruled it infringed his image rights.

The9 Information Technology Co and The9 Computer Technology Consulting (Shanghai), order have now been ordered to pay 3m yuan ($490, hospital 000) to Maradona, although he wanted 20m yuan ($3.2m).

He based the value on an endorsement deal with a German brand although the judge ruled the amount should be based on the amount of time his image was used for and the popularity of the game.

The game has since been removed according to China Daily.