Manulife Becomes PBL Title Sponsor

By Community | October 3, 2012

Manulife Insurance Company (Manulife Japan), has become title sponsor for the 2012 Pacific Basketball League (PBL) Climax Series.

Pacific League Marketing President and Representative Director, Hiroaki Nishina, said: “We extend our deep gratitude to Manulife Japan for their third year of sponsorship of the Series. With Manulife Japan’s support, I look forward to seeing the teams go all out as they compete, providing the fans with a moving and memorable experience. I welcome everyone to cheer on the teams at the 2012 Manulife Climax Series.”

Manulife Japan has been a sponsor of the PBL regular season and the title sponsor of the PBL Climax Series since 2010.

Manulife Japan President & CE,O Hitoshi Morita, said “In June this year, the Manulife Group celebrated its 125th global anniversary. Our first operations in Japan opened more than 100 years ago. As a trustworthy and professional company, Manulife Japan continues to build on the Manulife Group’s long heritage as a strong partner of communities, actively supporting initiatives that benefit society.

Manulife Japan identifies strongly with the PBL, which from Hokkaido to Kyushu carries on the long tradition of Japan’s national pastime, and is growing baseball’s fan base with great success through providing support to regional areas and attracting new fans through unique promotions.

We are pleased to continue our sponsorship of the PBL Climax Series in 2012. Through our sponsorship activities we look forward to promoting the PBL, professional baseball, and the dreams and hopes they inspire.”{jcomments on}


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