Manchester United Owners Considering Selling Shares

August 16, 2011

Manchester United’s American owners the Glazer family are taking into consideration a possible sale of some shares in Singapore to cover off the growing debt they have with a possible net income of $1billion.

Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN) is working on the transaction, which may take place this year. The Premier League team had been considering Hong Kong for the IPO but now favors Singapore, although no final decision has been made.

The Glazer’s are considering many financial options with initial public offering (IPO) just one of many. Another would be selling off a minority stake, probably no more than 25%.

A 25% equity should bring in a region of $657 million.

The Red Devils went on sale on the London stock market in 2005 until it was eventually bought by the glazers.

A partial sale share would mean that no outside person could take control of the club, while also providing the Glazers with much needed revenues towards paying of the club’s debt.

The Old Trafford outfit are very popular in Asia with an estimated 190 milion fans compared to the rest of the world where they have 300 million.