Manchester United Finally Beat Barcelona on Champions League Financial Honours

August 18, 2011

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Barcelona may have won the Champions League but it seems like Manchester United might have had the last laugh as financial figures brought out by UEFA suggest United received more revenue for their Champions League campaign.

Manchester United top the list with a $76.6 million share thanks to a higher percentage of the TV market pool. United received payments of $39.2 million for its performances from the group stage onwards, and another $37.4 million from the television market pool.

Meanwhile, Barcelona’s Champions League triumph earned the club $73.3 million. The Catalan giant’s performance-related payments amounted to $44.1 million, while it also collected $29.2 million from the TV market pool.

The report detailed that a total of over one billion was distributed to clubs competing in the Champions League last season. The prize money allotted to the 32 teams who figured from the group stage onwards consisted of $593.3 million in fixed amounts plus $490.1 million from the market pool. United’s financial superiority can be explained by the fact that more fans watched their games on national TV.

Other than United and Barcelona, the top-five financial winners from the 2010-11 Champions League were rounded out by Chelsea ($64 million), FC Schalke 04 ($57 million) and Real Madrid ($56.5 million). Schalke and Madrid both reached the semi-finals of the competition, while Chelsea was knocked out at the quarter final stage by United.