Manchester Secures £20million Cycling Funding

August 12, 2013

Manchester, where the successful British Cycling is based, has secured £20 million ($31m) of funding to improve cycling provision in the city.

Eight cities were selected for the Government’s Cycling Cities Ambition Grants. Manchester’s bid, worked on by British Cycling and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), was the most successful.

TfGM has already made a pledge to invest £50 million ($77.4m) in the Velocity 2025 cycling strategy, aiming to double Manchester’s daily cyclists by 2015, and then to double that number again by 2025. Greater Manchester hope 10% of all journeys will be on bicycles by 2025.

The new funds will go towards a new network of cycle routes, promoting cycling to create a cultural shift in attitudes, ‘Cycle and Ride’ stations in more locations, amongst other improvements.

British Cycling’s Policy Adviser, Chris Boardman said: “As the home of British Cycling, Manchester has played a huge part in the success that our organisation has enjoyed in recent years in both increasing participation and medal winning performances. What we now need is for that success to filter down and make cycling a sustainable and attractive form of transport in our cities through introducing a robust cycle proofing process into all modern transport developments.

“This funding sets Greater Manchester apart and can go a long way to making that happen. British Cycling is committed to supporting Velocity 2025 to achieving its aims and further establishing Manchester as a world class venue for cycling.”

Chair of the TfGM Committee, Councillor Andrew Fender, added: “With the success of our bid, we will be able to turn our ambition into action and realise our vision for 2025 in full.

“This funding award signals the confidence that Government has in that vision. On top of what we’ve already started and what we can now unlock locally, we will completely transform cycling in Greater Manchester.”