Exclusive: Major Countries Approve European Games Concept says EOC President

By Community | January 14, 2013

By Ismail Uddin

Patrick Hickey, viagra the President of the European Olympic Committees, adiposity has revealed the European Games, discount which will be hosted in Baku in 2015, has received significant backing from major European nations. 

Hickey, who is also the president of the Olympic Council of Ireland, said ‘major nations’ like Great Britain, Russia, Germany and France endorsed the idea. 

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Hickey said: “We got 85% approval at our General Assembly to proceed with it and what’s particularly heartening is the major nations of Europe, such as Great Britain, Russia, German, and France are all in favour of it.” 

The Irishman also suggested the concept received it’s fair share of opposition. 

“We had a fair share of opposition from different parties’ buts like everything, you have people that like and people that don’t like it,” he said. 

Addressing the negativity behind the idea, Hickey is adamant the continent is entitled to a European Games as many other continents have a showpiece in between the Olympics. 

He said: “My answer to all of the objections is, why should we be the only continent not having a games? You have a really successful Asian Games, Pan-American Games, African Games, why not a European Games? But we now have the green light and I think that this will become a very popular event in the future.”

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