‘Madrid 2020 will be a Games of Integration’ says Madrid Mayor Botella

By Community | September 3, 2012

Madrid’s Mayor Ana Botella is adamant ‘Madrid 2020 will be a Games of Integration’.

The Mayor was in London heading the Madrid observer’s delegation at the London 2012 Paralympics. She met with with members of the International Paralympic Committee, the International Olympic Committee, International Sporting Federations, and supporting more than 140 Spanish athletes participating in the London Paralympics along with compatriots Alejandro Blanco, President of Madrid 2020 and Theresa Zabell, CEO of International Relations.

Botella said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for Madrid 2020 to further our learning and ensure our bid continues to integrate all opportunities for hosting a successful Paralympic Games,” adding that Madrid 2020 sees the Olympic and Paralympic Games as “One festival, two events”, and commits to continue to enthusiastically collaborate and learn. She said Madrid 2020 is convinced that the Paralympic Games will boost social cohesion highlighting the right to difference and to equality in opportunities for everyone which is essential in every facet of life.

Botella called Madrid: “A city of diversity, but a city that has integration at its heart. Madrid has been working hard for many years to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all and we are focussed on improving every day. We now have excellent city transportation that will ensure everyone can reach our Olympic facilities easily and safely.

“Over 85 per cent of our venues for the 2020 Games are already constructed. Being on such an observers program will allow Madrid 2020 to continue to integrate new learning into the fabric of their venues and infrastructure seamlessly ensuring Madrid 2020 will be the most inclusive Games ever.”