Madrid 2020 Optimistic After Landing in Buenos Aires

August 28, 2013

The organisers of the Madrid 2020 Olympic Games bid are in a confident mood after landing in Buenos Aires ahead of the 125th International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session next week.

On September 7 the IOC will elect a host city for the 2020 Games from Istanbul, adiposity Madrid or Tokyo.

The President of Madrid 2020, here Alejandro Blanco (pictured left) has now landed in the Argentinian capital and said: “I feel optimism and a great sense of responsibility and pride for the work done so far.

“Work, order work and more work – that’s our formula for the coming days. We are very confident that we have a great project, created by a great team.”

Blanco is joined in Buenos Aires by Victor Sanchez, Madrid 2020’s CEO and Theresa Zabell, International CEO of the bid.

Madrid Mayor Ana Botella (pictured right) and Ignacio González, President of the Regional Government of Madrid, will arrive to Buenos Aires and will join the rest of the team in the next few days.

Gasol talks up Madrid 2020


One of Spain’s greatest athletes and two-time NBA World Champion Pau Gasol (pictured above) has been chosen to speak with the Madrid 2020 team before the IOC members.

Gasol will speak on behalf of Spanish athletes and in an official press release he said: “The Olympic Games are more than sport – I know this personally as an Olympian.  Spanish sport and the people of Madrid need the boost the Olympic Games would provide, and Madrid is ready to face this challenge.

“But Madrid will also give something back to the Olympic Movement – we are a city that is prepared with a responsible bid plan that will help develop sport far into the future.”