Madrid 2020 Heading to Buenos Aires with ‘strength’ and ‘experience’

August 22, 2013

Madrid 2020 President Alejandro Blanco was confident that his city’s bid for the 2020 Olympic Games was in a strong position ahead of the all-important meeting in Buenos Aires next month.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) host their 125th Session in the Argentinian capital between September 7-10 and the leaders of the Olympic Movement will vote for the host city of the 2020 Games.

Blanco and Ana Botella, Mayor of Madrid, held an informal meeting with the media in what was their last public appearance before flying to Buenos Aires.

Blanco said: “I’m leaving for Rio de Janeiro tomorrow to attend the Judo World Championship and to Buenos Aires from there.

“We are arriving to Argentina with strength, with the experience we have gained not only in this bid, but also during the two previous attempts. We are convinced of the good results.”

The delegation of Madrid 2020 will land in Buenos Aires on August 24 and prepare for the arrival of the IOC members.

Blanco stressed the importance of working thoroughly in the city before the vote and added: “Madrid 2020 is well known for its presentations and this can only be achieved on the basis of hard work. Preparing a careful staging, holding meetings, collecting the latest opinions…One of the best ways to prove our commitment is to work hard before the IOC’s arrival.”