Madrid 2020 Gets Local Support from Businesses

By Community | July 21, 2012

In a recent event over a 100 representatives from Madrid’s leading businesses showed their support to Madrid 2020’s Olympic bid.

Leading the event was Ana Botella, Mayor of Madrid, Miguel Cardenal, Secretary of State, and Madrid 2020 President Alejandro Blanco.

Blanco said that in this long journey “we need the companies. Some of them started to work with us from the beginning without asking any question, just because they want to walk beside us all the way long and they are willing to participate in any aspect which might be needed and do their bit.”

He added, “We count with great support both from government and private institutions. Spain is a country where bad news premiums today, but we have the best companies which are leaders in their business, and we need to encourage all the positive things that this country has”, adding “we are talking not only of a project, but the project that will bring Spain together”.

Secretary of State for Sport, Miguel Cardenal, said, “We are all together in this road; sports and political authorities, entrepreneurs, and the whole of the Spanish society are willing to achieve the dream of hosting and enjoying the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Madrid”.

Madrid’s Mayor Ana Botella said that one of the strengths of the bid is “the permanent and continuous support given by the business sector. The bid is a strategic opportunity for the city, as the Games in Madrid 2020 will invigorate the industrial and commercial activity, will generate employment, attract investment, promote tourism, and boost the international image of our city”.

Madrid 2020 said that in the coming months Spain’s most prominent companies will build close links with the bid through the sponsorship program which will offer them four different ways of providing their support, allowing them to work hand in hand with the Olympic project and contribute to the creation of plans promoting and developing sport and the city.