Louisiana High School Athletic Association Partners with ArbiterSports

By Community | February 29, 2012

ArbiterSports, treatment the established leader in referee management solutions, check have announced that the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) has selected its online referee management system to assign football officials across the state.

During 2012, the association will expand the online assigning capability to handle additional high school sports in Louisiana where officials are needed.

“We had been assigning officials in football and other sports using a manual paper-based environment for years,” said Keith Alexander, Assistant Director of LHSAA. “With this move to ArbiterSports, we can not only streamline our processes dramatically, we can also deliver targeted feedback to each official after each game.”

Each local assigner in Louisiana will use ArbiterOne to assign officials over the Internet. In addition, coaches can use the same ArbiterOne system to evaluate officials using a format designed by the LHSAA. At the LHSAA headquarters in Baton Rouge, managers will use Arbiter360 to constantly monitor and review the entire statewide ArbiterSports system and provide the necessary feedback to continually improve the quality of officiating in the state.

Clark Evans, Vice President of Sales at ArbiterSports, said: “Louisiana was facing significant scheduling challenges as its sports programs continued to grow. Now with ArbiterOne and Arbiter360, the LHSAA can alleviate its assigning burden and keep an eye on how well the system is being adopted around the state.”

by Ismail Uddin