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Los Angeles and Paris deal on 2024 and 2028 Olympics ‘very, very close’, says Eric Garcetti

July 31, 2017

An agreement between Los Angeles, Paris and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the allocation of the 2024 and 2028 Games is “very, very close”, according to Eric Garcetti.

The prospect of a double allocation for the Games was made possible earlier in July when the ground-breaking plans received unanimous approval from the IOC in Lausanne.

Negotiations have been taking place in recent weeks and the Los Angeles Mayor, who has been a key player in his city’s bid, believes an agreement in regards to who should host which event could be found as early as Friday (August 4).

“We’re getting close, very, very close,” Garcetti told the Southern California News Group. “Our conversations have been going very well.

“This coming week we should probably have things [settled] but I thought two weeks ago we’d have an agreement.

“Both cities have talked to them about ’24 and ’28, so ’24 is not off the table, but we have talked about what we would need to engage for 2028.

“I’m optimistic that an agreement could be reached by next Friday, for sure,” he added.

The IOC Executive Board are due to convene in London this week for a joint meeting with the International Association of Athletics Federations ruling Council, during which a decision could be formally approved.

Eric Garcetti IOC Los Angeles Olympics Paris