Longest Ever Sports Sponsorship Continues for Ford and Geelong Cats

September 14, 2011

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Australian Rules Football Club, stomach Geelong Cats and Ford Australia have extended their team sponsorship agreement, arguably the longest continuous sports sponsorship in the world.

The motoring company’s President and CEO Bob Graziano announced the partnership extension at the Cats home ground, Skilled Stadium, when he entered the ground in the manufacturer’s first locally sold vehicle, the Model T Ford.

“When Ford began its Australian operations in Geelong to build the Model T in 1925, it also began a special relationship with the Geelong community and the Geelong Football Club which has been maintained to this day.” said Graziano.

Geelong Cats CEO, Brian Cook said, “We are excited to continue our partnership with the club and enter this next chapter, with the current generation of players, and a whole fan base behind them, to continue our partnership into 2016.”

Today, Ford is the club’s major sponsor and has been key in providing support to the club over the years.

Cook added: “There is no more enduring relationship and a greater team than Ford Motor Company and Geelong Cats. We have supported each other through good times and adverse times for 86 years and both Ford and the club are thrilled that this partnership will continue uninterrupted.” Cook said.

The Ford and Geelong Football Club relationship has gone beyond sports sponsorship over the last 86 years with many of Geelong’s premier players having worked for Ford in varying capacities during the years strengthening the partnerships between the two companies and community in Geelong as a whole.

“Ford remains committed to the Cats and the Geelong community.” Graziano said.