Long Distance Runner Becky Wade Becomes ASICS Ambassador

By Community | January 31, 2014

ASICS America have announced premier female long distance runner, medic Becky Wade, has joined their ambassador lineup.

Wade was most recently recognized for her winning debut at the California International Marathon, making her the fifth fastest female American marathoner of 2013. Wade joins the company of only two American women who ran faster marathons before the age of 25.

“ASICS’ unique brand spirit and constant innovation mirrors my ongoing pursuit of testing my limits in everything I do, especially when competing,” comments Wade. “In my young career I have already had incredible experiences that have helped me grow as a competitor, but the real journey begins with this partnership. I look forward to reaching new milestones in 2014, and feel confident as ever knowing I have this remarkable support every step of the way.”

“Becky’s bold personality, natural curiosity and winning spirit on and off the road perfectly matches the energy of the ASICS brand,” commented ASICS America Athlete Manager, Annie Adams. “We look forward to supporting Becky through her training, competitions, and whatever worldly adventures may come her way, and hope to help her reach new goals and achieve success in 2014.”