London Underground Station Platforms to get Wi-Fi Access in Time for Olympics

January 24, 2012

Transport for London (TfL) have confirmed today that they plan to deliver Wi-Fi internet access for tube commuters in time for the Olympics Games being held in the city, although access will be limited to the 120 Underground station platforms.

Commuters will be able to go online and check emails and breaking news from their smart phones or laptops as they travel possibly by this July.

The original plan was abandoned last year after funding issues and technical obstacles prevented the installation of the system.

Gareth Powell, TfL’s director of strategy and service development, told the Metro: “London Underground is continuing with preparations to install the necessary infrastructure and is on schedule to complete the project as planned.”

“An announcement of the chosen service provider will be made in early spring leaving plenty of time for this to be delivered to customers in time for the 2012 Games.”

It is unclear if commuters will be charged extra for the service and unfortunately the wireless internet service will not extend to the train carriages themselves.