London 2017 Launch New ‘Women in World Athletics’ Scheme

November 9, 2011

London 2017 bid organisers have launched a new scheme the ‘Women in World Athletics’ programme with the idea behind the unique five-year programme being to inspire the most promising young women from the world of athletics to progress in leadership roles such as technical officials.

The Women in World Athletics programme, which would commence in May 2012 with a funding commitment of over $400,000 from the London 2017 London Organising Committee, will identify 50 of the most promising female technical officials and young leaders from across the athletics world in partnership with the IAAF and its Member Federations. 

15 of these participants will then be selected to officiate and volunteer at the 2017 World Athletics Championships, if Lonson win the bid.

Ed Warner, chairman of the London bid team and UKA, said: :Currently, too few officials and leaders in the sport are female, but by increasing those numbers and giving them technical skills, support and encouragement to drive development in their own athletics communities, the next generation of athletes will be supported both in competition and in training by a more diverse support network.”

“Not only do technical officials enable countries around the world to develop through hosting international competitions, but also act as leaders, role models and teachers within their own local communities. 2017 would serve as the ultimate goal for the participants in this programme and we hope that the Women in World Athletics programme will encourage, motivate and inspire more women to progress careers in athletics.’

Each individual will be assigned with an experienced female technical official or young leader from the UK to provide mentoring, support and share knowledge. 

Priscilla Lopes-Schliep, 100m hurdler and ambassador for London’s 2017 bid added: “Being part of an international athletics event is an incredible experience whether that’s as an athlete, an official or in the crowd. I feel extremely passionate about inspiring more women to get involved in the sport and the Women in World Athletics initiative is an ideal way to motivate more female officials and leaders to learn the skills needed to develop athletics communities across the globe.”

“It would be great to see the World Champs in London in 2017. I have competed there many times and always had a fantastic experience, the support there is incredible. It would be a great accomplishment to see the first of the female officials come through the Women in World Athletics programme to participate in the 2017 event in London.”