London 2012 Ticket Billing Pushed Back a Week

May 10, 2011

Ticket applicants for next year’s London Olympics will not be billed until at least next week after organising officials put back the process by a week, it has been announced.

The 1.8 million who applied for 20 million tickets were originally told to make sure they had enough money in their accounts from May 10 to June 10 but London 2012 says people will now not be billed until at least May 16 as they continue spending this week carrying out ballots for oversubscribed events.

Last week London 2012 sent out an email to the people who had applied for the tickets advising them to ensure they have cleared funds to cover the cost of their applications.

A spokesman for London 2012 stated: “We have always said that the money would be taken from between May 10 and June 24 and we are still working to that.

“The earliest the money will come out is May 16 and that is within that timescale, there is no delay.”