London 2012 Files Stolen by Rio 2016 Employee

By Community | September 21, 2012

London 2012 Olympic organising officials have revealed that a Rio 2016 employee removed documents from them without their consent during this summer’s Olympic Games.

The staff member is understood to have downloaded the documents without authorisation during official knowledge transfer sessions while working alongside London 2012 staff. 

They are believed to have taken information which included strategic planning details while working in London’s technology department. 

A spokesperson for LOCOG said: “We can confirm that some London 2012 material was accessed and removed without consent from LOCOG by a Rio 2016 secondee during the Olympic Games. 

“This was reported immediately to the Rio senior management who took swift action to recover the material and return it to LOCOG. 

“No security documents were copied and no personal data was compromised.” 

Reports in the Brazilian media said nine employees have been fired as a result of the theft but Rio 2016 were not available for comment to confirm the sackings related to the file removal incident. 


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