LOCOG Sell Additional 3000 Tickets after Empty Seats Concerns

July 30, 2012

The London organising committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) have confirmed that an extra 3,000 tickets were sold last night for today’s events following public outcry over empty seats at the Olympics.

The lack of seats being filled at venues across London 2012 was highlighted over the opening weekend, prompting London Mayor Boris Johnson to claim that more tickets are likely to be sold to the public over the next fortnight. 

It is understood that 3,000 tickets were sold after a host of sports federations returned their tickets, 1,000 of which were for the gymnastics event. 

Locog are believed to have stated that tickets are likely to go on sale to the public the evening before the day’s events.

Jackie Brock-Doyle, Locog’s director of communications, said: “We talked to the International Federations yesterday, we were able to put back into the pot for sale around 3,000 tickets last night, they have all been sold,” she said.

“That includes about 600 for the gymnastics event today and we’re going to do that on a day-to-day basis.”

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