Lloyds TSB Most Recognised London 2012 Sponsor

July 26, 2011

Lloyds TSB has been named as the top-tier Olympic sponsor most associated with the London 2012 Games according to research by OnePoll.

However, Olympic campaigns by BT, British Airways and BP are failing to resonate with customers, the research said.

With one year to go until the Games, members of the public were asked which sponsors they most associate with London 2012, giving them a list of sponsors to choose from.

Lloyds TSB garnered 17.5% of the Tier One sponsors’ vote, ahead of EDF Energy with 16.4%.

However, respondents were dismissive of other top-tier sponsors, such as BMW, which accrued just 1.5% of the vote, BP (5%), BA (5.6%) and BT (3.9%).

Nearly 28% of those polled declared their ambivalence to top-tier sponsors.

Angus McGougan, business director at international sports marketing agency Fast Track, believes Lloyd’s TSB’s campaign has hit home with consumers because it has integrated well with its existing work.

He said: “Lloyds has built a platform and done well with TV and press advertising. It also started before other sponsors and has put a lot of money behind it.”

The banking group was the first brand to sign up to the Olympics and the first to activate its sponsorship.

Nigel Currie, director of sports marketing agency brandRapport, said Lloyds TSB’s campaign was unlike others, in that the executions themselves were Olympic-centric and not just ads with a London 2012 logo at the end.

With regardss to Tier Two sponsors, results from the survey see Cadbury being the most recognisable, polling 20.6%, ahead of holiday brand Thomas Cook (7.3%) and shipping company UPS (3.7%).