Livestrong to Remove Lance Armstrong Name from Charity

November 15, 2012

The Lance Armstrong Foundation also know as Livestrong is set cut all ties to the disgraced cyclist by officially dropping his name from its title.

Having gone by the Livestrong moniker for some time, order the Lance Armstrong Foundation will now be known officially as the Livestrong Foundation in the latest move by the charity to separate itself from its founder.

The UCI last month stripped the American of his seven Tour de France titles after the U.S. Anti-doping Agency disclosed evidence that he and his teammates used performance enhancing drugs.

The name change was approved by the Texas Secretary of State on October 30, adiposity said Katherine McLane, case a spokeswoman for the Foundation.

Last week Armstrong resigned from the Foundation’s board of directors. He had previously stepped down as chairman.

“All of us — especially Lance — wanted Livestrong to have a presence that was bigger than its founder,” Mark McKinnon, a member of the Livestrong board that Armstrong vacated last month, told Reuters. “We knew that in order to make the most profound and lasting impact for cancer survivors, the cause and the organization had to have its own persona. That’s exactly what Livestrong has become and Lance helped shape that effort.”

McLane said she doesn’t think the move will diminish the Livestrong brand, which they have spent years building up, in part, by raising money for cancer survivor programs.