Juventus Linglong tire

Linglong Tire and Juventus Extend Partnership To 2022

November 18, 2019

Juventus and Linglong Tire have extended their current partnership agreement until 2022.

The Chinese brand first partnered with the Italian champions in February 2018, but have clearly seen such a successful period for the club as reasoning to add more years to the agreement.

Just a few weeks ago, Jeep revealed they would pay Juventus an extra €25 million for the next two seasons on top of their current deal due to the extreme success the team is seeing on the pitch.

Giorgio Ricci, Juventus Chief Revenue Officer, said: “We are happy to continue this successful relationship with Linglong Tire. This has proven to be a mutually beneficial partnership that has allowed both brands to continue to grow globally thanks to a series of fantastic activations. We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration in order to create even better experiences for fans.”

Linglong Chairman Wang Feng, added: “During the past few years, Juventus and Linglong have worked together and established a good cooperative relationship and a deep friendship. With the help of the club’s huge and loyal worldwide fan base, Linglong has improved its brand image and increased its product sales, with the brand now being chosen by more consumers.

“The renewal is the result of a high degree of unity in the pursuit of outstanding values for both sides. Therefore, from now until 2022, we will continue to work together with Juventus to bring more satisfaction and surprise to fans and consumers around the world.”

Juventus Linglong tire