LFP Ligue 1 StadiumGo

Ligue 1 Teams Up With StadiumGo

October 29, 2019

LFP, the French professional football league, has agreed a deal with StadiumGo, a carpool app for sporting events.

StadiumGo’s ride-sharing app is intended for fans to be able to use in order to get lifts to games together, both to reduce the amount of cars travelling to games and to get fans interacting with each other.

Romain Lauvergnat, founder of StadiumGo, said: “It is important for us to offer new mobility solutions dedicated to fans, while strengthening the links between them through the experience of carpooling between supporters.

“This agreement makes it possible to show that the world of sport is mobilized in the face of current environmental issues and we are very proud to be able to benefit from the support of the Professional Football League.”

LFP Ligue 1 StadiumGo